Get Reviews from your Happy Customers

After asking your customers the Net Promoter Score® question of “How likely are you to recommend us to your friends?“, customers who respond positively are invited to leave you a review on the review sites of your choice, including Facebook, Google, Yelp, Foursquare and more.

These customers (Promoters in NPS® terminology) are your biggest fans, and they typically are very happy to share their positive experience and help your business grow.

Happy customer
Angry Customer

Prevent Negative Reviews by Resolving Problems

Unhappy customers (Detractors in NPS® terminology) are likely to go around and deter potential customers in your target demographic from purchasing from you.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. (Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner)

Fresh Feedback will prompt customers who say that they are unlikely to recommend you to a friend with a contact form that will give them the opportunity to have their problems resolved, and deflect them from leaving negative feedback for you on popular review web sites.

What is Net Promoter Score®?

Net Promoter Score is a number indicating the overall likelihood that customers like a product enough to recommend it to their friends. The Net Promoter System® separates customers into three categories: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. Deciding where a customer falls on this scale is based this one question: “How likely is it that you would recommend this Product/Service to a friend or colleague?", which they answer on a scale from 0 (Very Unlikely) to 10 (Highly Likely).

We can then calculate the Net Promoter Score with the simple equation of % of Promoters minus % of Detractors. eg 60% Promoters – 10% Detractors = NPS of 50.

Image explaining Net Promoter Score Calculation

One Number for Growth

Over two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies use the NPS® system to track customer loyalty. A good Net Promoter Score is leading indicator of sustainable growth for your business.

Get More Reviews

Fresh Feedback can display different Thank You messages to your Promoters and Detractors, allowing you to get more positive reviews on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Yelp, Foursquare and more.

Customize Your Surveys

Upload your logo and choose a highlight color for use in the e-mail surveys, as well as customizing the survey question for your company or product name.

Connects with your Checkout

Our plugins and integrations for popular e-commerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress make it easy to automatically survey all of your customers.

Track NPS Over Time

Fresh Feedback's dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor and track your company's Net Promoter Score over time, so you can see the impact of changes to your business.

Close the Loop

Use the customer insights and feedback to close the loop and resolve customer issues. By listening to and resolving their issues, your Detractors can become Promoters.

Send Your First NPS Survey in Less than 5 Minutes


Create a Survey

Choose from our E-Mail or In App surveys and complete your customisations including uploading your logo and customising the text of your NPS survey question. Tell us which profiles/pages you want us to ask your Promoters to review you on.


Import Your Data

For E-Mail Surveys, upload your e-mail list for automated recurring surveys or connect us to your WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify store for once off surveys. No developer required!

For In App Surveys, add our embed code to the pages that you want the surveys to appear on. 


Customers Complete a Single Question Survey

Your customers will be asked the NPS question - "How likely are you to recommend this product/service to a friend?", and given the opportunity to provide any extra comments. Promoters will be asked to leave a review on the sites of your choice, Detractors will be given an opportunity to contact you with their problems.


Monitor and Respond to Feedback

You can track your NPS over time with our dashboard, and use our tools to group your feedback in buckets - eg performance, support, pricing - to see common themes in your customer's feedback. Resolve your Detractors' issues for them in a timely manner and turn them into Promoters.